Introducing Celebrity Chef: Lula Martin Del Campo

Chef Lula Martin del Campo

Chef Lula Martin del Campo


As we share the exciting news of our new Celebrity Chef at Cueva Siete, we bring you the inside scoop on Chef Lula and how her passion for cooking began and developed into where she is at today.


“En la vida y en la cocina...menos es más” is Chef Lula 's daily mantra. In her kitchen she strives to highlight her passion for creating dishes that embody people’s identities and “not just to sell food, but to sell experiences.” Born and raised in Mexico City, Lula was constantly surrounded by art, culture, and of course authentic Mexican cuisine which was a huge part in inspiring her to become a chef.

Quiletes Quesadilla

Superbia Summer Quelites Corn Quesadilla*

Upon graduating from Universidad Panamericana with a specialty in Business Administration, she launched her professional career in 1995. She then opened her first Italian restaurant in addition to managing a catering and banquet service, Nico y Lula Catering, alongside her brother for five years. 

Not only is Lula a well renowned chef, she is also the author of the book series Essential Cuisines and cookbook Lula Chef Mexico Contempo. She was awarded The Best Woman Chef Cookbook in Mexico and placed third at the French Gourmand Awards. Additionally, she participates in managing and catering events in support of many foundations, including Ojos Que Sienten for the visually impaired, La Casa del Sal for children living with HIV and more. Lula is adored because of her charisma, professionalism and simplicity which have opened doors all over the world for her to share her culinary passion in India, Spain, the United States and all of Mexico. 

Portobello Cotija Cheese Sauce

Superbia Summer Glazed Cauliflower With Three Chiles*

We had the chance to catch up with Chef Lula and this is what she had to say:

What inspired you to become a chef?

My inspiration for becoming a chef has been my aspiration to make people happy through Mexican food. Having the opportunity to showcase Mexican culture in my culinary creations is truly a privilege.


What dish do you recommend guests at UNICO 20°87° order?

Every single dish is amazing!!! In my opinion, everyone should order every dish!

But a couple of my top favorites are:  

  • Tuna Tostada


  • The Octopus and Grilled Cheese Taco

And of course: 

  • My mother’s meatballs


 Glazed Shrimp Esquites

Superbia Summer Glazed Shrimps with Esquites*

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?

My favorite ingredient to cook with is Chile peppers, in all its varieties. I am convinced that Chile peppers transform Mexican dishes into a happy,fun and flavorful experience. A little bit of spice in our food makes us feel alive and brings excitement to each dish.


What are you looking forward to the most? 

I am looking forward to showing guests what Mexican cuísine is about while incorporating human history. We are part of an ancestral culture which is still alive nowadays. My main goal is to transmit our culinary heritage through each and every dish.

 Mango Sigh

Superbia Summer Mango Sigh*

Describe your menu in one sentence? 

My menu takes your taste buds on a journey through our Mexican culinary heritage.

Make sure to stop by Cueva Siete and indulge in the colorful flavors of Chef Lula’s unique spin on Mexico’s culinary diversity.

*Dishes exclusively served during Superbia Summer 2021. Not available in the current menu.