The Essence of Summer Superbia at UNICO

The Essence of Summer Superbia at UNICO

Although Summer Superbia 2021 has come to an end, the event left us reminiscing on the unforgettable gastronomy, mixology, and cultural experiences.


Here are some of our favorite murals and sculptures made by the visiting artists during this year’s Summer Superbia. 

If you’relooking to visit UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya on your next getaway, you will find areas around the resort that still capture the essence of the art displayed during the Summer Superbia events. 

Your first stop should be the wall behind the pool towels stand at La Unica pool. 

Murals at UNICO

These quaint and colorful pieces were made by the artist Miguel Castillo, a designer who has always had a great passion for illustration. He creates art inspired by the tropics and is always seeking to evoke a smile from people who take a second to look at his art. 

"Unico Exuberante" (Exuberant Unico) and "Unico Tropical" (Tropical Unico) are the names of these two murals, which are a visual summary of UNICO 20º87º’s overall ambiance, with natural touches of its gardens. They were illustrated in the moment, free-handed, without referencing a previous sketch.

Sculpture at UNICO

Another corner at UNICO 20º87º that features touches of Summer Superbia is Balam Bar. Cool off with one of our house-made cocktails and pose for a photo next to the "Amanecer" sculpture, which represents the sacred Balam (Jaguar in Mayan). The crest carried by the jaguar celebrates the history of the local culture. This jaguar was sculpted by Gastón Gallardo, who creates his pieces using different mediums such as sculptures, installations, performances, and photography.

The murals and the sculpture are truly picture perfect, and definitely Instagrammable. These murals will be at the hotel for anentire year, and will be replaced by another guest artist during next year’s Superbia Summer event. 

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