Our full-service spa caters to body, mind, and spirit through a range of luxury spa treatments, UNICO 20°87° signature treatments, and locally-inspired beauty rituals. A fully-equipped hydrotherapy facility and a wide variety of natural ingredients help create an immersively relaxing environment. 

Open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Hydrotherapy circuit from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Arrive 20 minutes earlier for your checking in process.

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Spa Experience

At UNICO 20° 87° you can get an immersive experience in our full service spa and beauty salon with all the comforts of a luxury boutique hotel.

The hydrotherapy area is divided between men and women, the outdoor pool is mixed.

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Begin a journey of well-being through Signature Spa Treatments

To further enhance your UNICO 20°87° experience, carefully crafted Signature Spa treatments are also available during your stay.


This powerful facial helps to minimize expression lines and wrinkles, preventing signs of aging and proving the skin´s luminosity with a potent infusion of vitamin A,C and E, plus antioxidants. Give your skin a new expression. 

The skin care with natural and organic ingredients make a combination of deep cleansing, detoxification and intense hydration, leaving your skin soft, smooth and young.

for men
Specially designed to protect and preserve the youth of masculine facial skin. Products that combine the precision of technology with the proven efficiency of natural ingredients. Revitalizing facial treatment, calming, detoxifying, reaffirming action against aging signs, refreshing and anti-fatigue.

rejuvenating ritual
A marvelous combination of a relaxing massage & a full body wrap made of green clay to regenerate, oxygenate and deeply balance your skin, ideal for mature skin because of its softening effect, reaffirms and reduce sings of aging.

volcanic massage

Combining the healing properties of heated, smooth stones with reconstructive massage to alleviate muscle pain, tension, and accumulated fatigue. The healing properties of this treatment will balance your mind, body, and soul.