Meet modern Mexico face-to-face with our UNICO 20˚87˚ experiences*. Stay tuned for more experiences where you will be able to immerse in the region’s beauty and culture.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Learn more about authentic Mexican cuisine and cooking techniques to recreate your favorite dishes using traditional ingredients like chiles, fruits and vegetables.

$35 USD per person.
Location: Cueva Siete.
Classes are available from Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 am.


20.87 Brunch & Bubbles

Take your stay with your loved ones to the next level with our special in-room breakfast or brunch accompanied by a bottle of Möet. Chandon.

$130 USD per couple.

Mixology Class

Our award-winning executive mixologist, Luis Vallejo, will guide you through the basics of craft mixology with the use of organic and local ingredients.

$25 USD per person.
Location: Palmera Lounge.

Wine Tasting and Charcuterie

Join our head sommelier in La Botella for a wine tasting journey paired with an exquisite selection of cheeses, cold cuts, and more side dishes.

$20, $80, or $100 USD per couple.
Location: La Botella.

Chocolate Tasting Class

Learn the art of chocolate making as our chef at Soól Chocolate Shop guides you through the process of preparing various types of truffles and more.

$15 USD per person.
Location: Chocolate Shop SOÓL.

Romantic Dinner

Treat yourselves to an exclusive romantic poolside dinner at La Escondida, where you’ll be pampered with flowers and a bottle of Möet Chandon.

$250 USD per couple.
Location: La Escondida Pool.

Tequila and Mezcal Tasting

Join our Head Sommelier on a tasting journey of an exquisite selection of tequila and mezcal.

$100 USD per couple.
Location: La Botella.

*Available at an extra cost and are charged to the room.

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