Pool experience

UNICO 20°87° offers a unique pool experience at each of its three pools. All pools offer poolside food and drink service as well as Cabanas that can be booked in advance.

Pool Hours: 10:00 am - 19:00 

La UNICA Pool 

This pool is large and lively—a place to socialize and hang out with a drink or two. Its sophisticated dark blue color provides a warmer water temperature.

Snack Menu

La Unica Pool Bar

Every bite and sip is a splash of deliciousness in here. Lounge close to the pool where crafted drinks, fresh ceviches, zesty salads, and delicious snacks are served.

20°87° Pool

The most central pool, where guests can enjoy a swim up bar and daily energetic sets from a DJ. Its sophisticated dark blue color provides a warmer water temperature.

20°87° Swim-Up Bar

Dive in, chill and toast to the taste of ambrosial cocktails mingled with local flavors and international flair that will entice your senses.

La Escondida

Here guests can experience a true sense of escape, with supremely mellow music and comfy seating. The water temperature in this pool is a bit more refreshing, and features a hydro pool.


La Escondida Swim-Up Bar

Step into a place where time slows down and worries go away. Fresh water, carefully-manufactured drinks, and some me-time merge for an harmonizing visit.


Costera is the place where simple pleasures are celebrated and good food is a must. Discover pizzas, empanadas and tortas crafted with ingredients you’d never imagined.