Renewed vows on August 16, 2017

Renewed Vows UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya

They say for your 10-year anniversary gift you should get your significant other aluminum or tin, but Anthony decided to give Jessica the gift of a destination vow renewal. Anthony is not your average husband, as he went above and beyond for the trip of a lifetime.

Anthony and Jessica’s vow renewal at UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya was a moment they will remember forever. Not only was the couple celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary, but they were also celebrating Jessica’s birthday. Anthony surprised Jessica with an intimate vow renewal on the beach, making their vacation a truly memorable moment.

See what Anthony had to say about his experience.

Anthony and Jessica Vow Renewal

What was your favorite thing about your big day?

For me, it was the element of surprise at breakfast when our wedding planner Maribel brought over the invitation on a leaf to my wife’s vow renewal.  Seeing the look on my wife’s face as she just learned she is attending her vow renewal was priceless.  The spa pampering and photography was also great.

What was the best part about the planning process?

How easy it was!  I am not good at making decisions and Maribel had great patience with me.  Kerri also did an amazing job as I am sure this wasn’t easy for both of them!

Which was your favorite amenity?

The spa and dolphin excursion were both awesome!

Anthony and Jessica Vow Renewal Ceremony

Travel Agent & WOW Specialist:  Kerri Ross, Kerried Away Destinations 

Event Consultant: Lisa Cantallops

Onsite Wedding Coordinator: Maribel Ramirez Fernandez