The Myth of the Alux

The Mayan Myth of the Alux

If you’ve ever adventured through the Mayan jungle and wondered what made the trees rustle, then you may have been in the midst of aluxes  (a-loo-kuh-ses). Aluxes (or aluxo'ob) are small mythological creatures in the Yucatan peninsula that are generally invisible but are able to assume physical form as resembling miniature traditionally dressed Maya people. While they are usually invisible, they can choose to appear to humans when they feel like being playful or mischievous.

Aluxes are said to protect many Mayan villages and areas that still exist to this day. Legends say, if you build them a small house, they will look after your land for seven years. Many believe that these aluxes will help crops grow, call on the rain, and guard your land at night.  After 7 years, it is recommended that you seal the house to keep the alux inside of it and if you don’t these mythological creatures can turn mischievous and seek new places as well as play tricks on you. Aluxes choose whether or not they stick around based on what the area has to offer.

Interested in encountering aluxes? They usually dwell in forests, caves, grottos or cenotes. Rumor has it that they can even be found at Tankah on our Mayan Village & Tankah Cenotes Signature Tour. Make sure to join in on this excursion during your time at UNICO 20˚87˚ . Not only will you get to zipline, canoe, and swim in the cenotes but if you’re lucky, aluxes might even make an appearance!