Happily Ever After in Paradise

Happily Ever After in Paradise

Happily Ever After in Paradise

Seeking a one-of-a-kind experience in paradise for their special day, Jorji and Markus knew that this celebration of their love needed to take place in the heart of Mexico with a picture perfect backdrop. The couple decided on an intimate elopement, and wanted to make sure it could be as special as possible to create memories they can continue to cherish in the years to come. 

We had the chance to catch up with the newlyweds post-nuptials and here is what they had to say about their special day: 


What led you to choose a destination wedding?

We are both from opposite sides of the country and met at school in New York. With family being spread out all over the world and five years of long-distance, we wanted a special place that we could call our own. We wanted to find a spot that was not only one-of-a-kind, but that was also somewhere we would be excited to go back to year after year. We got married during a high-point of the pandemic, so we also looked to select a place that we could bring our family back to in the future!  


How did you select the resort? What were the deciding factors?

Our top factors were experience, uniqueness and quality. We wanted a location that felt like no other while still delivering service and an experience that we could rely on. When we came across Unico, we fell in love with the character of the property. With so many offerings, we knew that there would be everything we could ever need.

Describe what it was like working with the wedding coordinator at the resort? 

Working with the wedding coordinator was by far one of the best parts of the process. Every question I had was met with a detailed and kind answer. The coordinator that we had truly felt like a best friend that I could rely on and trust.

Why did you choose an elopement vs a traditional wedding with guests?

The distance and the size of our families coupled with the fact that we had a long-distance relationship led us to want an elopement. We were about 2 hours apart for the entire 5 years of our relationship prior to getting married and finally getting that undivided time together was truly what our marriage was celebrating. We also loved the cost efficiency of the option so we could use the money to start our life together (such as getting a new house and adopting two new puppies a few months later).


What was the best part of having a destination wedding?

For us, it is the fact that we now have this little pocket of paradise that will always mean so much in our hearts. It’s not a place we had been before or that is associated with a ton of other memories. Unico will always be symbolic of this first chapter of our lives together. It’s a place we can always plan a getaway to that will be only ours!

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Jorji and Markus Wright.