Celebrity Couples of UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya

Celebrity Couples of UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya

Parrots at UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya
Get to know our most famous couples staying at UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya


Our star-studded couples along the shoreline of Riviera Maya don’t interest the paparazzi, or get swooned over by Swifties seeking their queen. They do, however, represent among the most precious life in our natural ecosystem, which is also the place they call home—tucked away in the soft sands, tropical forests, and turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

Famous for a Reason

Get to know these incredible creatures, and find out we have more in common than you might think when it comes to love. Fun facts ahead:

Naturally Women-Led 

Female spider monkeys actively choose their partners when breeding, which, needless to say, leads to competition among the guys. The alpha female also tends to be the decision-maker, leading her crew to promising feeding areas and determining the ultimate size of the group.  

Spider Monkeys

Still Playing Games

Male green iguanas put on elaborate displays of courtship to win over their companion. In other words, not everyone gets a rose.


Fairy Tale Romances

Sea turtles return intuitively to their place of birth to meet their partners and mate—a telling tribute to the power of home and just about the most romantic thing we’ve heard all year. 

Sea Turtles

To our Unico 2087 community, here’s to love. We hope you’re surrounded by it, today and every day.