Butterflies To Celebrate Day of The Dead

Day of The Dead Altar


Altar at Main Lobby


Butterflies to Celebrate Day of The Dead


Every year, UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya celebrates Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) 


A traditional Mexican holiday where families gather to welcome back the souls of their lost loved ones for a brief reunion that includes authentic dishes, drinks and celebrations. 


UNICO 20°87° incorporates this annual Dia de Muertos celebration to showcase traditional Mexican culture, while inviting guests to honor and celebrate the lives of their relatives. 

This year’s inspiration came from the monarch butterfly, which represents the spirits and souls of the dead. The legend says that lost loved ones travel within the wings of the butterflies and land on the altars reuniting with their families for the day. 


During this two day celebration, guests were invited to enjoy live music and drinks at Bar Balam. They were also encouraged to honor their loved ones by writing down names and placing them at the breathtaking altar, which was transformed into a stunning tree filled with beautiful butterflies. 

The celebration also included the welcoming of the Catrinas, who symbolize the relationship  Mexicans share with the afterlife.  Each year, the Catrinas show up to honor and protect those who have passed and guide them back to the afterlife on November 2nd. 


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