Spring's Most Necessary Luxury

Aura Wellness Event

The Aura Experience at Unico 2087—a season’s worth of wellness in a week. (Put yourself first and book a spot, limited space remaining.)


Time to prioritize self-care and reset for spring. So, we suggest dropping everything and joining us on the sparkling shores of Riviera Maya for a week of whole-person wellness—hosted by the world’s leading wellness, fitness, and nutrition influencers from Goop and beyond.

The Experience

A week of events and experiences designed to nurture body, mind and soul, surrounded by the soft sands and turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. 

aura welleness agenda 2024 unico riviera maya

On the Calendar

Flow Morning and Floating Yoga, nutrient-rich cooking classes, high intensity workouts, shaman rituals, and more—all designed to make the most of the week and leave you feeling balanced and restored. 


Mix and mingle with our star influencers, get inside tips on their go-to practices, and learn a whole new way of cooking well from bestselling author and Chef Karla Hernadez. 
Read on to meet our full group of influencer hosts:

andrea muriel yoga coach aura wellness unico riviera maya

Andrea Muriel

Yoga Instructor

As an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga instructor, Andrea has practiced with numerous masters across Mexico. She holds an RYT certification in Yoga Chikitsa and has participated in Mysore weeks, immersion in Wim Hof fundamentals, and a 10-day Vipassana retreat. Andrea is currently advancing her wellness knowledge in the study of anatomy and physiotherapy. 

chef karla hernandez unico riviera maya aura wellness event 2024

Karla Hernández


Karla is a bestselling chef and author, with three award-winning recipe books acclaimed by Gourmand. Her website pizcadesabor.com has captivated a vast audience, with an additional social following of 2M+ fans.

wellness coach kayla nicole aura wellness event unico riviera maya

Kayla Nicole

Wellness Content Creator

Kayla Nicole, an LA native, has made a name for herself as a versatile content creator, on-camera host, and model. She gained prominence through her wellness and lifestyle platform, Strong Is Sexy, where she challenged conventional beauty standards by empowering women to find value in their inner strength rather than external appearances. Now, Kayla curates uplifting content in the realms of health, wellness, fitness, beauty, & lifestyle to a community of over 838K followers. 

personal trainer unico riviera maya aura wellness event 2024

Roydian Chan

Personal Trainer

Roydian Chan is an elite personal trainer for top global athletes, Olympic gold medalists, entertainers, actors, and entrepreneurs. He specializes in clean, functional movement. For over a decade, Roydian has been developing his training method to create a reliable way for everyone to see physical and lifestyle transformations. The “Roydian Method” exists to create the strongest possible foundation for anyone to build upon throughout a lifetime fitness journey.

unico riviera maya 2024 aura wellness event sweats and the city

Sweats & The City

Elizabeth + Dale, the co-founders of Sweats and The City + ORRO App

Founded by Elizabeth and Dale, Sweats & The City is the go-to health and wellness destination, featuring the best fitness, beauty, and self-care recs on the internet. Sweats & The City is also the creator of ORRO App, an on-demand platform allowing users to discover their favorite boutique fitness and self-care classes, all in one place. ORRO App provides unlimited access to 100+ instructors, studios, and methods, including Pilates, sculpt, barre, yoga, meditation, sound Baths, and more.

faith hunter unico riviera maya event 2024 aura wellness event

Faith Hunter

Author + Meditation & Yoga Instructor

Faith Hunter, a globally recognized wellness authority and meditation luminary, embarked on her transformative journey in the early 1990s. As the innovator of the Spiritually Fly™ philosophy, Faith has transcended traditional boundaries to establish it as a holistic lifestyle brand for wellness and personal transformation. Originally conceived as a dynamic fusion of breathwork, movement, sound, and stillness — quintessentially tailored for the modern era yet firmly anchored in yogic tradition — Spiritually Fly™ has blossomed into a comprehensive wellness lifestyle brand. 

shannon bills event unico riviera maya 2024 wellness event

Shannon Bills

Mindset Mentor and Energy Healer

Shannon is a former associate casting director on over 50+ TV shows. Through working in the entertainment industry, she has witnessed first-hand how negative creatives can be toward themselves: throwing away their power, doubting their uniqueness, holding back from being themselves due to fear of rejection, etc. In 2020 she started her coaching business- introducing mindset exercises and energy healing techniques to help creatives with anxiety, self-love, confidence, breaking upper limits, etc. Through her work, she helps actors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, writers, producers etc. step into their power. Her mission is to not only help improve someone's creative journey but also to get them to recognize their self worth.