Chef Spotlight: Meet Chef Oscar Valadez

Meet Chef Oscar Valadez

Chef Oscar Valadez Unico 2087 Restaurant

Chef Oscar Valadez Castañeda of 20.87 Restaurant sat down with us to tell his story about why he became a chef and his interest in ancient Mayan cooking.


Why did you decide to become a chef?

I’ve always been interested in the history behind cooking. I was very interested in learning how civilizations like the Mayans used to cook in ancient times. And simply the whole story behind the kitchen has always seemed very interesting. 


What is one dish you think guests must order?

The crab cakes. They are a classic, a traditional New Orleans dish, but here we add our own Mexican tweit with our charred chipotle sauce with mayonnaise.


What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?

Garlic, because it gives the food personality. It brings a strong, rich, and imposing personality to every dish.


Describe your restaurant in one sentence.

Outgoing because it is for all kinds of people. You can have a very casual experience and still enjoy top quality dishes or have a much more luxurious dinner experience.