Our Story

Redefining all-inclusive means creating an entirely new kind of immersive experience, one that offers an unfiltered view of modern Mexico and a deep connection to the region.
UNICO 20°87°: A one-of-a-kind adults only, all-inclusive vacation.

Meet modern Mexico face-to-face

UNICO 20°87°, adults only all-inclusive hotel, is the newest addition of RCD Hotels. It was born out of a desire to create an entirely new category of all-inclusive—one defined by relaxed luxury and cultural immersion. At UNICO 20°87°, you’ll meet modern Mexico face-to-face and experience rare access to the region’s most exciting locales and, lesser-known wonders.

Location is at the heart of the UNICO 20°87° experience. That’s why we’ve put the latitude and longitude of the region in the hotel name—20°N 87°W. These coordinates are representative, not only of UNICO 20°87°’s devotion to its location, but also its ambition to immerse guests in the region’s beauty and culture. Through a staff of local experts, guides, artisans, and specialists, UNICO 20°87° is able to showcase the true heart of the Riviera Maya.

Story of Unico Hotel Riviera Maya

All-inclusive redefined